Our Sweet Boy


Dimitry Jean

February 12, 1992 - January 14, 2019

Dimitry Jean was the greatest man I have ever met in my lifetime.  A man of great character, extreme compassion and a soul like no other.  Dimitry Jean was my best friend.  He knew me like no one else on this earth.  He loved me, and I loved him.  There was an instant connection from the day we met back 12 years ago.  Just two 14 year old kids who didn't speak the same language but yet understood each other to greater depths than any kind of friendship I had experienced.  

He had a smile that lit up my world, in the darkest of days his laughter and smile would bring you back to light.  Dimitry, I don't know who is supposed to bring us out of this darkness now that you are gone.  The world is dimmer, lesser, colder without you in it.  

You see, Dimitry had this sense of hope in him that was unmatched by anyone else.  A boy who grew up in such extreme poverty, who saw first hand hardships, famine, disease and disaster and yet he remained hopeful.  He remained optimistic for the future of his people.  There is nothing Dimity loved more than his friends and family.  When he graduated from secondary school he could have gone to University, but he wanted to help his family and community and so he stayed in Desab and taught in the local school.  He helped his mother, Prudencia, raise his 5 younger brothers.  He always told me, "my sweet girl they need my help now, my dreams can wait in order to make theirs come true."  He was selfless to a fault, I only wish he was able to fulfill his own destiny.  

This accident was tragic, it was devastating and unexpected.  None of us were ready for you to leave us Dimitry.  We aren't prepared to say goodbye to our best friend, to our fearless leader and to a crucial member of the Lespwa Family.  There will never be another soul like yours, my sweet boy I am broken without you.  Please watch over us all, make sure I fulfill those dreams of yours.  I promise to take care of your mom and brothers, I promise to bring that light you have to the community.  Your death will not be in vain. Your light, your hope and your passion will live on through Lespwa.  I only wish you could have been here with us to change the world together.  But God has never gained an angel like you, I only hope you are at peace with Him now.  

Lespwa Academy was your dream too, we dream't it together, we developed it together.  Now, we do this all for you, in your name we will work towards a new nation. I don't know how we go on without you, but I know you will continue to show us the way. 

I love you my sweet boy and I miss you so much. 

Love always, 

Michaela Albano