Home for Prudencia

Prudencia’s current living situation.

Prudencia’s current living situation.

Lespwa Inc. needs your help. As many of you know, our dear friend Dimitry Jean passed away this past January; leaving behind his mother and 5 younger brothers. Dimitry was the main provider for his family, as his mother is a teacher in the local village, but has not taken a pay check in years due to the lack of funds in the education system in the mountains. Dimitry’s mother Prudencia needs our help. She is currently living in a makeshift shack seen in the image above. Hurricane season is upon them and we need to build her and her family a stable home to be protected during the tropical storm season this summer. Myself and my family will be heading over to Haiti this June in order to build Prudencia and her boys a new home. We need to raise the funds in before we are able to begin building in June.

Prudencia and her boys have gone through enough heartbreak this year with the loss of her eldest son Dimitry. Prudencia is one of the most humble, kind, loving and selfless women I have ever met. She deserves so much more in this life than the pain and suffering she has had to endure. Yet, she tackles each day by caring for not only her own children, but for the rest of the children in her community by teaching. Now it is our turn to help her. Any donation amount helps provide us the funds to buy the materials needed and build this amazing woman and her beautiful family the home they so desperately need.

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God Bless,
Michaela + the Lespwa Team

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