Our Vision

Change starts with one.


Our vision is simple: start with the children. If we educate one mind, feed one stomach, care for one child at a time; these small changes add up and I believe they can transform a village, a nation, and yes, I believe, they can help transform the world. 

Lespwa Academy aims to give children not only a free education, but the opportunity to grow. The children of Haiti deserve the right to learn and to play. They deserve to be loved and cared for; they deserve to dream; they deserve a chance. Lespwa Academy is that chance.

In order for children to learn, they need to be well rested, fed, and healthy. That is why, homeless or not, the school will serve as a home to those children in need. Each child will receive 3 meals a day and access to healthcare if needed. 

Our goal is a better future for the people of Haiti. We plan to do this through free education for both primary and secondary students. By starting with education for the children we are starting with the future.

The next aspect to the organization is sports. We plan to incorporate the sport of soccer into the children's daily lives to keep them active and healthy. Lastly, we plan to engage in the surrounding communities with sustainable development projects; bringing together the children of the school and the adults of the communities we touch, to work together, side by side, for a better tomorrow.


Michaela Albano
Founder & CEO

"A life not lived for others is not a life."   - Mother Teresa

"A life not lived for others is not a life."
 - Mother Teresa