FTK Fundraiser


Lespwa Academy held its first fundraising event on March 11th at B/Spoke Studio in Downtown Boston, MA. Thank you to everyone who came out to spin Sunday and helped raise over $700.00 for Lespwa Academy's land. We still have a little over half to raise but it was a great start and the event was a huge success! 

Thank you to the below people who donated to our cause and came out to spin FTK!

Laurie Cremmen
Gina Finnegan
Andrew Borts
Frank Langone
Cindy Boochoon
Tiffany Berard
Lindsay Beatty
Emily Paccione
Katy McNamara
Jacqueline Meth
Moritz Franz
Brandon Luo
Hannah Creighton
Brett McCormack
Ed Spiesz
Caitlynn Wentworth
Caitlin Toomey
Jackie Beatrice
Meghan Long
Jenifer Calabrese
Erica Chafin
Kristin Arnold
Jeff Weinstein
Clara Fernandez
Anne-Marie Albano
Taylor Jozwiak
David Pearlstein